Crematorium , West Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne.


Client: Technical Services Department, Environment and Regeneration Directorate Newcastle City Council

Project Value: £2,053,334.00 Contract Duration June 2010 – February 2011


This project consisted of a new extension and the remodelling and refurbishment of the existing West Road Crematorium to accommodate the installation of four new cremators and mercury abatement equipment. The works were programmed so that only two of the existing four cremators were switched off and decommissioned at any one time meaning that the crematorium remained operational whilst our work proceeded on site. A large stone extension was built to the Cremation Hall to accommodate the new equipment, designed to complement the randomly laid stonework of the original building, which was opened in 1934.

Integrating new technologies within the old building was a key part in the project but the biggest challenge was working within normal working hours whilst funeral services and burials continued “as normal” which required great sensitivity by our site staff and subcontractors along with clear communication and pre-planning to ensure that maximum dignity was preserved at all times. The cremator installation was carried out by a specialist German subcontractor within the steel framed building we erected which supported an in-situ concrete roof. Structural alterations were also carried out to the existing gable wall by inserting new supporting beams and a control room constructed with IT systems linking the cremators. In addition we refurbished the existing chapels, installing new steel tracery windows, internal partitions, tiled floors, new mechanical and electrical systems and new toilet facilities. We also installed a coffin refrigerator which was a new facility for the West Road Crematorium. .

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